SDC Committee Meeting
5:30pm Thursday 23 September 2010
Community Church, cnr. St Andrew’s and Filleul Sts.

Present: Jocelyn Harris, David Tucker, Nick Holmes, Mark Jackson, Janet Brady, Bob Lloyd, Felicity Topp, Suze Keith, Vivienne Bryner, Paul Young, Jinty MacTavish.
Apologies: John Cocks, Maureen Howard.
Minutes of previous meeting (AGM) and business arising:
Jocelyn moved that these be accepted, Suze seconded it. Motion accepted.
Secretary’s report: Nothing to report.
Treasurer’s report: Felicity has now taken over the treasurer’s duties from Tracey. Jocelyn moved that the report be accepted, Bob seconded it. Report accepted.
1.Co-opting of new committee members:
• Vivienne Bryner is a Phd student in Science Communication and Geology Phd., doing a thesis on community dialogue around disaster reduction, resilience and sustainability. She is particularly interested in SDC’s intended Futures Forum next year.
• Felicity Topp is a Masters student in Geography. Her thesis is on urban agriculture. She has some workplace experience of financial matters. She has also been involved in Transition Valley 473.
• Those present introduced themselves and welcomed Vivienne and Felicity to the committee.
• Jocelyn moved they be acceped as committee members. Jinty seconded. Motion carried.
2. Arrangements for candidates’ meeting with Forest & Bird, 7:30 pm, 30 September 2010, Hutton Theatre:
• Mark has done the poster. it is in the process of being distributed.
• John to put ads in The Star, D-Scene and ODT.
• An interview with Jocelyn appeared in Thursday 23rd September’s edition of The Star.
• It has been decided that there would be no catering because the use of the facilities would add to the cost of the hiring of Hutton Theatre.
• 26 candidates are confirmed as attending. Suze suggested doing an update in the newsletter of who is actually coming.
• Questions will go up on a whiteboard. Michael Deaker is a willing and experienced facilitator.
• Jocelyn said she was looking into getting some funding for the event.
• Jinty said she’d made it a Facebook event and suggested those on FB send it out to their Dunedin FB friends.
• Jocelyn to invite the press.
3.Drafting of SDC priorities and 5-year plan:
Vaughan Matthews’ advice to SDC at the AGM was to zero in on three key goals/ activities that make SDC distinctive from other local groups working in the sustainability area. After analyzing the discussion at the AGM it was proposed that these were:
• Youth work – this area of focus is running well.
• Lobbying. This has primarily been in the form of submissions so far, but could include other forms of lobbying too.
• Being a connector between the various groups working in the sustainability area. To a degree, this has already been happening in the promotion of other groups events in the SDC newsletter.
• Overarching aim: to turn Dunedin into a truly sustainable city.
Vivienne referred to the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction: My City is Getting Ready Programme. This was mostly about disaster preparedness but included sustainability. She suggested SDC might try to persuade the DCC to sign up.
Nick said the AGM was good for hearing what members thought SDC should focus on, and that it is good for the committee to build on these suggestions with what they are good at.
Jocelyn volunteered to turn these priorities into a draft set of objectives for discussion.
4. Membership register: who is responsible for the register? Who will record payment and issue receipts (in the correct form).
• Phil had been acting as Membership Secretary but because he has become too busy Janet has volunteered to maintain the membership master list. The details of how to work this best need to be sorted out between Janet, Suze, Felicity and Phil.
• When the membership list has been updated an electronic invoice will be sent out to those with overdue subs.(Suze/Janet)
5. Nick’s report.

Nick reported that he was evaluating the eight months already spent on the 22 Youth project and he was planning where to go for the remaining four months and into 2011.
• As it is nearing exam time for the secondary participants the project at John McGlashan was finishing up.
• Nick has learnt that secondary school students have limited time throughout the year; that not all can stay involved all the time. Numbers participating have ranged from four to eighteen, depending on the activity. It was therefore difficult to work on a continual basis and some rethinking is needed here.
• There is a limit to the quality and diversity of skills teachers available in Dunedin.
• Nick has becoming increasingly aware that SDC cannot and should not rely solely on financial capital to underwrite youth skill development. In order to continue this work SDC will need to look at a number of different ‘funding’ models.
So what opportunities have been created by his role?
• He has gained a strong understanding of what an ongoing secondary student programme requires and has methods and programmes in place to continue this work.
• He has been made aware of a number of older young people who are interested in learning and teaching various sustainable living skills, especially sustainable food production, and therefore he thinks it would be worth while to spend more time focused on those aged 18 to 25. He has been researching how to deliver such a programme of skills.
• A site at Sawyers Bay with 3 tunnel houses on an acre of land has become available for 5 years. Nick has calculated that it would cost a total of $3000 per year in running costs to secure the site. This could provide a central site from which SDC can operate a number of sustainable living projects, with a focus on sustainable food production. It could provide a physical base for the youth programme and could be used to raise seedlings etc, for other sustainability groups to plant. (Fruit trees for transition town orchards and plants for community gardens for example.)
• Nick is planning to discuss with other groups, such as Otago Polytech’s Living Campus programme possible joint projects.
• He will work on a draft agreement which the committee can consider at the October meeting. .
6. DCC Sustainability report:
• Jinty reported that there hadn’t been another meeting since the last SDC meeting.
• She said that if she gets elected to the council she will need to be replaced as SDC representative on the Sustainability committee.
• Jinty also acknowledged the help of Bob, and others, in producing the list of SDC’s key priorities.
7. 350 report :
• Paul reported that as the Positive Futures Fund had provided an additional $6,500, in addition to the $2000 SDC allocated from Nora Calvert’s donation, a second round of funding applications was offered.
• The Big Green Challenge is funding a total of 13 projects for the 10/10/10 Work Party. Most grants were for projects related to food production, but two were water-related and one was a transport project.
• $1,500 of the Positive Futures grant has been allocated for publicity and other organisational costs.
• A picnic at Woodhaugh Gardens has been organized for 10/10/10 between 1-3pm. They might get the use of a hall in NEV if the weather is bad as 10/10/10 can’t be postponed.
• Paul is working on getting a website up. Mark suggested information should be put on the SDC website too. Each group that received a grant has given permission to have their stories used for promotional purposes.
• Hopefully, The Star will do an article about 10/10/10 next week. Paul is considering buying a page ad. The Star has already run two high profile articles so far.
• Paul to keep the committee posted about what’s happening.
Jinty wanted to acknowledge all Paul’s hard work in organising the 10/10/10 Work Party.
8. Ideas for an SDC social event.
Paul will email his ideas to the committee for comment.
9. DCC Futures Forum feedback:
• Discussion took place around whether it is was too late to submit this as proposed at SDC’s July meeting. Since there is to be another follow-up forum for a higher-level plan in February 2011, it was considered worth submitting some constructive criticism.
• Jinty had drafted a list of possible questions to ask, and sent it around. David’s daughter, Sue, has fine-tuned these. Suze had investigated the use of Survey Monkey.
• Nick stated he has been attending the Natural Environment focus group. He felt this had been an extension of a broken process.
• He suggested circulating Jinty/Suze’s list to those on committee who attended the forum for comment. This could be submitted in letter form rather than going to the trouble of doing a formal survey.
• It was generally agreed to go ahead, but to keep it simple.
• Suze and David to follow up.
10. SDC radio:
Jocelyn reported that all has been worked out well. The station has been moved from her garage to Ian Goldsmith’s place and the Radio Inspector and Ian have come to an amicable agreement about the station.
General business:
“Ripple” position:
• Nick pointed out that ‘Ripples” is trademarked and so the Vodafone Foundation is looking for a new name to refer to this position.
• A subcommittee of Nick, John and maybe David and Mark will meet to consider and interview the applicants.
“Sign of Changes”E-conference. Who wants to go?
Of those present, David and Janet showed interest. Registrations need to be in by October 1st to receive the early bird discount.
Meeting closed: 7.10pm.
Next meeting: Thursday, October 21st 2010.