December has been a busy month for Volunteering Otago, preparing for the January Free School Holiday Programme’s Big Green Challenge workshops.    I have met with Andrew Bowen to discuss exciting possibilities for our programmes to work together, providing opportunities for young people to explore sustainable waste management solutions as well as many other issues through technology.  Challenges to this going forward are finding suitable time for technology workshops and sharing staff to supervise activities.  With some more planning this looks like a great possible collaboration for the April 2015 school holidays.

Amanda Reid of Otago Presbyterian Support has been a huge help in supporting the January preserves workshops; recruiting volunteer facilitators, and searching for fruits and vegetables to preserve.  Annika Korsten of the Malcam Trust and Dunedin Food Harvesting Group continues to support Volunteering Otago’s projects and will lead one of the four January workshops.  Pip Wood, Manager of Foodshare, has generously offered a donation of apples and vegetables for preserves and pickling.

The most exciting aspect of being a part of the Big Green Challenge this year is the opportunity to network and collaborate with other grant recipients who are similarly passionate about building a sustainable Dunedin.  Heike Cebulla, Teacher and Enviroschools Leader at Queens High School, and I met in the Queens High School garden this week to prime planting boxes for volunteers to harvest and plant in January.  As Volunteering Otago delivers volunteer programmes at Queens High School during school terms, this is a great partnership to sustain progress in the Queens’ garden throughout the year.

Thank you to Fran Bolgar for your constant support and introducing Volunteering Otago to fantastic community partners!

Heather Moore

23 December 2014


Heike (QUACK) showing the garden beds that Volunteering Otago will be planting over the school holidays



Some of QUACK’s veges which Volunteering Otago will be tending


VO 3

QUACK’s blackcurrants which Volunteering Otago will be harvesting