Southern Dunedin Garden Network (Grubby Angels)

[Jan Hamill has taken over co-ordinating this group as her husband Bruce is very busy.]

Monthly Report for November:

We were thrilled to receive our funding from the Council and have been working hard to promote our new direction since then…to help people establish their own vegetable gardens and to be part of a network which shares seedlings, seeds and produce.

  • Flyers were created and distributed at the South Dunedin Street Day (8 November)and at the Church Fair (15 Nov), and in Church notices
  • Bruce and Jan were interviwed by Anna of Volunteer Otago and an article will go in their newsletter about the project.
  • Discussion about when our members would be available for working in others’ gardens  once consultations were done.
  • Official Book started with dates , for planning.
  • Welcome Packs were prepared ( Gloves, Potting Mix, Compost, and range of easy-to –grow seeds) Thank-you warehouse for a 2 day 25% off sale! ($164 spent)
  • Seeds and potting Mix distributed to group members with instructions to grow these in preparations for gardens
  • Waiting

While waiting we took the opportunity to work on one of our members gardens and get that going. We were feeling a little discouraged. Then suddenly we were in business, with two new clients wanting support. We also had offers of seedlings and seeds from others in the community and were able to get the seedlings growing straight away in Mary’s newly dug-over  garden and heel some in in Jan’s garden to wait until more garden space was available. Jan was able to exchange some plants with these people as well. Yay! We feel like we’re on the way!



First Official Consultation: 23rd November 2014

{Garden Consultants: Ivan and Jan and Ros). We had a visit to two very different gardens, one in Green Island and one in Princess St and were able to give lots of advice and plan some possible directions as well as talking about when we might come back and get stuck in.


First Official Garden Makeover:

This is planned for 29th November, 3pm. Clinton is doing some clearing out before we come, and we hope to help him plant some of his many seedlings in appropriate places as well as bringing him some yams and potatoes to put on his site, along with some compost.


Lee and Katherine have lots of available space in green Island but want to have a vege garden which their dog can’t get into. We plan to use the current trampoline site, which is partially-fenced, to start a garden. We have two other dates we can do work on , on hopefully Lee and Katherine’s  garden and that will be all we can do before Christmas.


We are excited about possibilities!

Co-ordinator, Jan Hamill.

28 -11-14

Plus 3 x extra photos sent in 03-12-14:

Grubby Angels 050


Grubby Angels 052


Grubby Angels 048