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Report of Garden progress to date : Corstorphine Community Hub

As a community group we meet every Thursday to work on the development of our grounds and the project of the four raised garden beds.

Please visit our Facebook page which has many photos which capture our journey to date.

Some highlights to date:
• Clearing exciting raised beds against building
• Planting strawberries, potatoes, runner beans, lettuces, sunflowers, kale plants
• Construction of tomatoes glass shelters (built out of recycled windows from the old school building)
• Purchasing of timber for raised garden beds, tools, hoses and fittings, compost
• Construction of raised garden beds
• Lined base with newspaper, sacks, mulch and awaiting delivery of top soil
• Queens High School group visited and assisted with collecting mulch, moved wood, planting and watering seedlings
• Purchased a step by step Veg Patch book
• Prepared a herb garden bed
• Recycled wood from old school site
• Weed eating and mowing of lawns to tidy grounds up
• Total Span are kindly donating a shed for us and our group intends preparing the concrete pad soon

Please look at our Facebook page – Corstorphine Community Hub to see all our pics 🙂

Lisa Lindsay



Details of upcoming events, submissions, petitions and thought-provoking/useful links
Monday 8th December 2014
Kia ora,
You can tell the holidays are upon us by the sudden lack of sustainability events in the next few weeks. However, there is still an interesting public lecture on climate change next Tuesday (16th), by former US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu.
Apart from the lecture, we also have news of Oxfam Christmas trees for sale, Quarantine Island Christmas activities and the opening of nominations for the Keep Dunedin Beautiful awards. Also, don’t forget to check out the Food for Thought and Fuel for Action section, where we try to pop in a couple of items of news or views that may be of interest.
The next newsletter will be out in early January.
Best wishes for Christmas and the holidays,

1. Sustainable Dunedin City news and events

Sustainable Dunedin City Society is made up of persons who are interested in the issues of climate change, declining energy security and sustainability, as they affect Dunedin City. The Society is not affiliated with any political party and aims to facilitate a positive, secure and sustainable future for Dunedin City. For more information or to join go to

Sustainable Dunedin City runs Big Green Challenge, an annual grant scheme for environmental projects around the city. The ten successful projects for 2014 are listed on our website. They include Generation Zero, for workshops to engage students in climate change issues, Volunteering Otago, for preserving and baking workshops and various community garden schemes.
If you are a Facebook user you can follow the progress of the various projects on Dunedin’s Big Green Challenge Facebook page. There will also be updates on the Sustainable Dunedin City website from time to time.

(Usually meets last Thursday of the month)

GreenDrinks Dunedin
THE BOG – upstairs. Corner of George and London Sts.
No meeting in December
GreenDrinks Dunedin is part of the non-political international movement Green Drinks whose focus is to provide a relaxed space for people interested in sustainability and the environment to meet and get together.
Green Drinks Dunedin is hosted in Dunedin by Sustainable Dunedin City. For more information or to get on the mailing list pleaseemail Maureen Howard, GreenDrinks Dunedin Coordinator on
(Usually meets 3rd Thursday in the month)

GreenDrinks Port Chalmers
The Portsider in Port Chalmers
No meeting in December (next meeting 15th January)

2. Other new events

Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th December
(all day)Oxfam Xmas Trees for Sale
Outside the Botanic Gardens, opposite the Gardens New World car park.
Freshly cut, long lasting Xmas trees will be on sale at $15 each. All proceeds go to improving access to safe water and sanitation in the Pacific as part of the Oxfam Water for Survival Programme. Trees cut as thinnings from sustainable forestry.

Tuesday, 16th December
5:30 – 6:30pm
The Energy and Climate Challenge: Public Lecture by Professor Steven Chu
St David Lecture Theatre, University of Otago

“Science and technology advances that led to the industrial and agricultural revolutions have profoundly transformed the world. I will give an “epidemiological” view of climate change, provide a progress report of progress in sustainable energy, and how clean energy can become the low cost energy option.”
Steven Chu is an American physicist and Nobel Laureate who served as the 12th United States Secretary of Energy from 2009 to 2013.

Until 5th February
Nominations for the 2014 Keep Dunedin Beautiful awards
Keep Dunedin Beautiful would like to hear from anyone who has done anything to somehow beautify Dunedin.
This can be from somehow minimizing your waste, planting trees, painting murals, cleaning rubbish, weeding overgrown areas, revitalising untidy areas, education campaigns – whatever.
Send in at least a paragraph of what was done, who did it and as much information as you have including photos if possible. Send to Darlene on by February 5

3. Ongoing activities

Eco Living in Action, Thursdays, 2.30-3pm. On Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Tune in or check out previous shows on the OAR website at
STOP (Save The Otago Peninsula) Inc Soc regular working bees on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the Broad Bay area.
One is a freshwater creek enhancement project and the other is in a DOC Scientific Reserve. There is sometimes transport available from town on the Thursday morning. Other working bees are held as required in the evenings in summer and in the weekend. For more details, contact Lala Frazer, phone 478 0339, or text mobile 021 20 999 74, or email
Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua – special Christmas events and activities

Contact Kristen at or on 027 779 5481 about all of these:

1. The ideal Christmas gift….Treat your friends and family to an island retreat or adventure!

Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua is so close (no long tiring drive) and yet so far away from the bustle of life on the mainland. You can relax in beautiful surroundings, or be active- helping with our tree revegetation work or other projects. Beautiful gift vouchers available for return boat transport on the Vivienne J ($10 per person), and/or for overnight accommodation in the lodge ($15 per adult; $12 per student; $10 per child). Vouchers will be posted with a colour brochure about the island. They can be redeemed at Community weekends, usually the last Saturday of the month; or as part of a group organised by the recipient. Valid until Dec 31st 2015. Contact Kristen to discuss redeeming your voucher or check out our website

2. Saturday 13th December is our St Martin Island Community Christmas party on the Island.
We hope you can join us to relax and celebrate! Bring yummy food to share, warm clothes, $10 for the boat and your koha for the Island. Boat from Back Beach, Port Chalmers at 2pm, returning 8.30pm, or stay overnight. Pick up also possible on the peninsula side. Bookings required.

3. Looking for something fun to do after Christmas/in January? We can organise boat transport to the Island for groups of friends and family. Bring a picnic. Help weeding around our native tree seedlings. Relax and explore.
Living Legends at Waitati: last Sunday of the month help with releasing the native plants from rank grass and weeds at the Orokonui Scenic Reserve, an important area for whitebait and wading birds. We aim to transform the low-lying rank pasture into a thriving natural wetland, as it was over 150 years ago. To find out more go to or contact: Karen Connor at or 03 4770 677.
Blueskin Community Market first Sunday of every month
Gallery on Blueskin
Food and coffee, plants and produce, arts and crafts, prints, pakoras, books, toys and more! Free stalls, DCC regulations apply to food stalls.
Phone Nathan on 027 214 8294 or Rudie 027 781 1799 for more information.
Wanted – Plastic PET bottles
Sawyers Bay School is wanting to build a glasshouse out of plastic bottles. They need approximately 1500 1.5 litre bottles. Bottles can be left at Sawyers Bay School during school hours or with Darlene Thomson, Keep Dunedin Beautiful Coordinator Dunedin City Council

4. Petitions and consultations

Government consultations ( – no sustainability-related consultations at present.
Dunedin City Council consultations: – no formal sustainability-related consultations at present.

Otago Regional Council consultations: – no sustainability-related consultations at present.

5. Food for thought and (good) fuel for action

Unconverted friends?
Utopia is a six part television series available on DVD from Dunedin Libraries. If you want a riveting way to introduce friends and acquaintances to the possibilities of climate change, there couldn’t be a more interesting way than to encourage them to view Utopia on the basis of it being ‘I need to go to bed but can’t turn it off’ intelligent entertainment. With terrific camera work, script, pace, and ideas to captivate viewers, Utopia’s climate change message is briefly stated towards the end so that non-believers won’t feel ideologically challenged. My only quibble was the loads of violence which I saw as unnecessary for maintaining the fear factor.
Jill Balfour-Smith
Green cleaning
This is an interesting article about local dry-cleaning company, Preens, and their efforts to operate more sustainably:

Simonne Samuelson
Jenny Neilson (SDC’s secretary)
Sustainable Dunedin City Inc.

Please send all requests to go onto to mailing list to

At the presentation of the Big Green Challenge cheque event Volunteering Otago Manager, Anna Clere, spoke with Andrew Bowen about the possibility of working together.  Andrew has offered to host workshops at the Bathgate Park school technology lab to coincide with our preserves workshops, recycling what we don’t use.   Andrew and I planned to meet on Wednesday 26 November but have rescheduled the meeting for 10 December

Anna also spoke with the Grubby Angles at the event, and featured them in Volunteering Otago’s newsletter.

Several attempts have been made to find a suitable meeting date and time for representatives from the Dunedin Food Harvesting Group, Otago Presbyterian Support, Volunteering Otago and Carisbrook School.  It is challenging to coordinate meetings with people with varied work and family commitments.  It is much easier to organise individual meetings with representatives of each organisation.

We were to all initially meet on Thursday 23 October but at the last minute not everyone was able to meet at the same time.  I have since met with Amanda Reid of Otago Presbyterian Support who is keen to set dates for workshops.  Amanda looks forward to having support from Volunteering Otago and the other community organisations to deliver workshops and share resources.  Annika and I will now meet on 9 December to discuss facilitating the preserves workshops.  We will then report back to representatives from Otago Presbyterian Support etc.

Through email I have set proposed dates with Annika and Andrew for four preserves and recycling workshops to be held on 7 December, 14 December, 21 December, and 28 December through Volunteering Otago’s Free School Holiday Programme.   To date, 18 young people have registered to participate in the programme.  Volunteering Otago has had a positive response from community volunteers who are keen to assist in delivering the preserves and recycling workshops and to share their knowledge and skills.

Heather Moore

Youth Volunteering Co-ordinator


I’m a bit horrified to hear that it’s been a month already! Things seem to be taking soooo long to get happening with the community garden.  I’ve attached the notification of our Resource Consent being granted to use the DCC managed public reserve on Oregon St for the Tomahawk Community Garden.

Resource consent granted

Resource consent

I’ve also attached the photo we took of the marks the Water and Waste department painted on the reserve to mark the sewage pipe that we have to avoid when we start building.
Oregon reserve sewrage wide shot
Oregon Reserve Sewerage – wide shot
What’s really holding us up is our Trust Deed. We have a final version that we are taking back to the Community Law Centre to get further advice on and then we’ll send in our application for Not for profit Trust status. I hope that doesn’t take too long as we need the bank account to follow to deposit your grant money, pay for soil testing, the lease and any incidentals for the water installation.

So I’m sorry it’s not a very exciting update but we are making some progress!  Thanks again for your support.

Kā mihi, nā

Anna and the Tomahawk Community Garden group


[Ocean Grove Community Trust]

Upon receiving the funding from the Big Green Challenge we began exploring the process of installing our shed.  To our surprise we discovered it to be a much more complex and expensive process then anticipated.  We therefore met as a group and identified a project manager with experience in this area.  We have selected our site, cleared the area of undergrowth and overhanging  branches, and priced out our materials. In the next few weeks we will have a working bee to create our foundations.  Once these are in place we will source our shed and put it up.


Our garden


The cleared shed site


Cutting back the overhanging branches

Naomi Rudolf and Rebecca Reid


Southern Dunedin Garden Network (Grubby Angels)

[Jan Hamill has taken over co-ordinating this group as her husband Bruce is very busy.]

Monthly Report for November:

We were thrilled to receive our funding from the Council and have been working hard to promote our new direction since then…to help people establish their own vegetable gardens and to be part of a network which shares seedlings, seeds and produce.

  • Flyers were created and distributed at the South Dunedin Street Day (8 November)and at the Church Fair (15 Nov), and in Church notices
  • Bruce and Jan were interviwed by Anna of Volunteer Otago and an article will go in their newsletter about the project.
  • Discussion about when our members would be available for working in others’ gardens  once consultations were done.
  • Official Book started with dates , for planning.
  • Welcome Packs were prepared ( Gloves, Potting Mix, Compost, and range of easy-to –grow seeds) Thank-you warehouse for a 2 day 25% off sale! ($164 spent)
  • Seeds and potting Mix distributed to group members with instructions to grow these in preparations for gardens
  • Waiting

While waiting we took the opportunity to work on one of our members gardens and get that going. We were feeling a little discouraged. Then suddenly we were in business, with two new clients wanting support. We also had offers of seedlings and seeds from others in the community and were able to get the seedlings growing straight away in Mary’s newly dug-over  garden and heel some in in Jan’s garden to wait until more garden space was available. Jan was able to exchange some plants with these people as well. Yay! We feel like we’re on the way!



First Official Consultation: 23rd November 2014

{Garden Consultants: Ivan and Jan and Ros). We had a visit to two very different gardens, one in Green Island and one in Princess St and were able to give lots of advice and plan some possible directions as well as talking about when we might come back and get stuck in.


First Official Garden Makeover:

This is planned for 29th November, 3pm. Clinton is doing some clearing out before we come, and we hope to help him plant some of his many seedlings in appropriate places as well as bringing him some yams and potatoes to put on his site, along with some compost.


Lee and Katherine have lots of available space in green Island but want to have a vege garden which their dog can’t get into. We plan to use the current trampoline site, which is partially-fenced, to start a garden. We have two other dates we can do work on , on hopefully Lee and Katherine’s  garden and that will be all we can do before Christmas.


We are excited about possibilities!

Co-ordinator, Jan Hamill.

28 -11-14

Plus 3 x extra photos sent in 03-12-14:

Grubby Angels 050


Grubby Angels 052


Grubby Angels 048

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