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Become more climate literate: free online 10 week course from Courser the University of British Columbia

‘Climate Literacy tackles the scientific and socio-political dimensions of climate change. This course introduces the basics of the climate system, models and predictions, human and natural impacts, mitigative and adaptive responses, and the evolution of climate policy.’

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  • ‘Earth, people and poetry are one and the same entity tied together by mysterious, subterranean passages. When the earth blooms the people breathe freedom, the poets sing and show the way.’ Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973). (Thanks for this quote from the Enviroschools Newsletter for term 1)

‘Kiribati enters the end game against climate change – in pictures’ From The Guardian

The Government has just passed the pro oil drilling ‘Anadarko Amendment’ that criminalises certain aspects of protest at sea  but we can still protest against deep sea oil drilling here and in the Arctic


Monsanto vs Mother Earth ‘calling on the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation to close the loopholes that allow corporations to patent plant varieties and conventional breeding methods…’

Dunedin City Council: South Dunedin Cycle Network

The new South Dunedin Cycle Network Plan includes separated bicycle facilities, shared paths, on-road bicycle lanes and ‘quiet streets’  (quiet back street routes where traffic movements may be restrained).

We are seeking feedback on the bicycle routes and treatments proposed. Have we chosen the right streets for our cycle network? Are the proposed treatments appropriate?

The following activities are scheduled in the 2013/14 Draft Annual Plan.

·         Continued work to improve the Leith flood protection scheme.

·         Water Plan change 6A. Good water, good farming programme to improve water quality in rivers and streams.

·         Continuation of Sustainable resource management projects. Eg clean heat clean air programme, maintenance of flood protection schemes at Taieri and Balclutha.

·         River and natural hazards monitoring.

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