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SDC Committee Meeting Minutes

20 September 2012

Otago Polytechnic, D Block, Harbour Terrace.

Room D101

1. Present: John Cocks, Ann Dennison, Jocelyn Harris, Mark Jackson, Bob Lloyd, with Chris Mein and Janet Brady in attendance.

2. Apologies: Louise MacKenzie, Vivienne Bryner.

3. Chris Mein explained his idea for tracking buses. He will submit a proposal about SDC acting as an umbrella organisation with not-for-profit charity status; the possibility of having SDC host a donations site; and SDC providing volunteers to track buses and increase patronage.

4. Minutes of previous meeting (23 August 2012): acceptance proposed John, seconded Jocelyn. Agreed.

5. Matters arising: see below.

6. Acting Secretary’s report (Jocelyn): letter to ODT re climate change denying printed 19/9/12.

7. Treasurer’s report (Louise): to come by email. $50 to be paid to Community Church for use of premises, as agreed at AGM.

8. Big Green Challenge (Janet): Janet showed us her impressive publicity and website for the Big Green Challenge. The Star published information today. Proposed John, seconded Bob, that Janet be paid $500.

9. Green Drinks (Maureen): in Maureen’s absence, Nicky has sent notices to Green Drinks and SDC members. Bob to host meeting on 25 October.

10. Newsletter (Nicky): all good.

11. Resilience Forum (Mark): report that Forum functioning well. Mark will send minutes to Nicky when they come to him.

12. Website (Mark): now up again on a different site with a world-class server after NZ host crashed. Appeal donation information now up for checking.

13. Environmental Appeal of Alan Mark and Dugald McTavish: (John & Jocelyn)

14. AGM Action points: $50 to Community Church.

15. Incorporated societies return and charities commission return: financial returns and rule changes to be sent. John and Louise have the matter in hand.

16. Other business:

· Vote of thanks to Jinty and Bob for their excellent presentation at the Rio meeting.

· $55 received in donations towards the hire of the Hutton Theatre. Ideas for better ways to reach interested people included Facebook.

· Committee urges everyone to think of people to stand for DCC elections.

· Committee urges members to write letters to papers and national journals.

· The meeting closed at 7 pm.

17. Next meeting: 5:30 pm Thursday 8 November 2012. Mark to book.

Otago Polytechnic, D Block, Harbour Terrace.

D block is opposite the Hockey fields, and is the low 3 storied building with the big ‘D’ on the side.

Entrance is straight off the street (Harbour Terrace).

Room D101 is the first room on the left, as you come in the front door.

> Richard Heinberg talking in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga – Google for details
> Richard is a Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, he is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective communicators of the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. With a wry, unflinching approach based on facts and realism, Richard exposes the tenuousness of our current way of life and offers a vision for a truly sustainable future.
> This time the theme is: ” Life after Growth”
> Richard will bring his challenging and compelling message on resilience, sustainability and a healthy future. He will ask and answer some of the most challenging questions we face today

> ODT report

> Central WINZ office
> “This Government’s war on the poor and the dispossessed is harming the vulnerable children of our country.”

Regionalism Forever: Reflections on My Backyard

St David Lecture Theatre, University of Otago

Life after 2008: Evaluating the future of Technological Optimism, Neoliberalism and Cheap Food? Presenter: Professor Hugh Campbell
> Seminar Room, Centre for Sustainability, 547 Castle Street
> Professor Hugh Campbell, Chair in Sociology and Head of the Department of Sociology, Gender & Social Work, is the former director of the Centre for Sustainability.

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