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Sustainable Dunedin City Inc.
Annual General Meeting 2011

Date: Wednesday 13th July 2011
Time 6:30 pm
Place Community Church, Cnr Filleul Street and St Andrew Street, Dunedin

Chaired by: Jocelyn Harris and John Cocks.

Apologies: Joan Parker, Jinty McTavish, Felicity Topp.

Present: Vivienne Bryner, Tony Sizemore, Mike Hazel, Peter McDonald, Louise MacKenzie, Nick Holmes, Suze Keith, Bob Lloyd, Jenny Neilsen, Judy Martin, Janet Young, Jennie Upton, Murray Grimwood, Eli Kerin, Peter Kennedy, David Tucker, Derik Onley, Rosemary Penwarden, Jocelyn Harris, John Cocks, Don Nicholson, Mark Jackson,

Confirmation of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting Held on 25 August 2010:
Dave Tucker moved a motion that the minutes be accepted as written, seconded by Michael Hazel.
The minutes were accepted.

Chairpersons’ Report on the Business of the Society:
Jocelyn Harris, in summarising the report she had written, highlighted the year’s successes. These included:
Dave Tucker’s success with getting Knox College to change from coal-fired heating.
Nick Holmes productively completing his year as a recipient of the Vodafone World of Difference grant. Janet Young started working with young people, with funding from Vodafone’s Gem scheme.
The Big Green Challenge was a great success.
Monthly Green Drinks at Filadelfio’s are still going strong.
SDC is actively planning a Futures Forum with DCC.
The newsletter continues to reach out to people.
Jinty got elected onto the DCC.
Paul Young attended the Cancun Climate talks as a United Nations Youth Delegate.
Dave Tucker, Jocelyn Harris, Suze Keith and Phil Cole have worked on submissions on behalf of SDC to the ORC and DCC annual plans.
Although Vaughan Matthews, of Vodafone, has thus far been unable to complete SDC’s Five Year Plan due to serious work issues. However, a very productive session with the committee had helped clarify SDC’s goals.
Jocelyn moved that the report be accepted. Bob Lloyd seconded the motion. Accepted.

DCC Community Resilience Committee Update
Since Jinty MacTavish has gone from being SDC’s representative on the Community Resilience Panel to now being the elected City Councillor chairing the panel, Dave Tucker now represents SDC on the committee. The Resilience Committee provides a link between the populace as a whole and the council, as other groups also have representatives. Dave thinks his input as SDC’s representative is having an effect.

Treasurer’s Report on the Finances of the Society, and the Statement of Accounts:
Felicity Topp, the outgoing Treasurer, was unable to attend the AGM to present her report so John Cocks did so in her place.
Financially SDC is doing well.
STD had some generous donations this year.

John Cocks moved that the report be circulated by email for all those interested in reading it. Suze Keith seconded the motion. Accepted

Annual Plan:
SDC is planning
to collaborate with the DCC on a Sustainability Summit/Futures Forum of representatives from local government, educational institutions, business and the community to identify the knowledge and experience held by each organisation on the effects of climate change and peak oil, and feed the results into the DCC 10-year plan
to hold another Election Forum before the general election in November.
Continuing work with youth through Janet Young’s work, and members’ involvement with
Another Big Green Challenge.
A membership drive.
A campaign against the proposed lignite mining in Southland. Jocelyn has written to the Australian organisation, Get Up, to suggest they mount one of their campaigns against this
Giving some support for Rhys Millar’s scheme for certifying local meat production.

Jocelyn Harris moved the adoption of the Annual Plan. Dave Tucker seconded it. Adopted.

Elections of Office Bearers and Committee Members

Nominated by
Seconded by
John Cocks
Jocelyn Harris  
Felicity Topp
Vivienne Bryner
Janet Brady
Felicity Topp
Louise MacKenzie
Felicity Topp
John Cocks
Newsletter Editor
Suze Keith
Janet Brady
Janet Young
Committee Members
David Tucker
Felicity Topp
Jocelyn Harris
Janet Young
Jocelyn Harris  
John Cocks
Vivienne Bryner
Jocelyn Harris
Heidi Pina-Gasca
Heidi Pina-Gasca
Jocelyn Harris
John Cocks
Bob Lloyd
Dave Tucker
Janet Young
Phil Cole
John Cocks
Jocelyn Harris
Maureen Howard
John Cocks
Janet Young
Nick Holmes
John Cocks
Felicity Topp
Mark Jackson
Jocelyn Harris
John Cocks

John Cocks moved that the nominees be accepted, seconded by Nick Holmes. All were elected. Vivienne Bryner, who is already a member of the committee, expressed her willingness to be co-opted as secretary.

General Business:
Bob Lloyd proposed a vote of thanks to Janet Brady, as the outgoing secretary, Felicity Topp, as the outgoing treasurer, and to all the committee for their hard work over the last year. Seconded by Jocelyn Harris.
Thanks were also given to:
the Community Church for use of their hall.
Nick Holmes and Janet Young for their work
Vodafone for their backing of Nick and Janet Young.
Paul Young for the successful organisation of the Big Green Challenge.
Forest and Bird for their support in holding a Local Bodies Election Forum last year.
Nora Calvert and the Positive Futures Trust for their generous donations

Membership Drive:
Measures will be taken to try and get lapsed members to renew, and to increase the membership overall.
As the new Treasurer, Louise is willing to maintain the membership list

Bob Lloyd then spoke about the future of coal as an energy source, showing disquieting graphs about the climate change impacts of coal and lignite. Lively discussion followed his presentation.

There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 7.25 pm.

SDC Committee Meeting June 2011

Held on Thursday 23 rd June at 5pm in the Humanities Common Room, 1st Floor, Burns Building, Univesity of Otago Campus, Albany Street.

Present: Jocelyn Howard, David Tucker, Mark Jackson, Janet Brady, Heidi Pina Gasca, Felicity Topp, Vivienne Bryner, John Cocks, Janet Young

Apologies: Maureen Howard, Nick Holmes,

Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising: There were no matters arising. Jocelyn proposed the motion that they be accepted as written, Felicity seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report: Comments:
Felicity reported that there was a long lag for ACC to send invoices, so these levies had only been paid up to 31st March last year.
Nick’s not handed in his summaries of expenses yet. .Janet Young is keeping a record of expenses but has yet to give this to the treasurer. Jocelyn will write to them both to remind them to get them into the treasurer.
Felicity will forward Annual Treasurer’s Report to John when she has completed it.

Secretary’s Report: Invoice for PO box received, and has been passed to treasurer.

Subscriptions and Membership.
There are only 32 active subscriptions although there are over 150 on the list. It was decided that instead of just putting a reminder about subs being due in the newsletter, that a separate email be sent out instead. Balance date for accounts is the 31st March, so that should be the date they are due (1st April)
It was suggested SDC needs some sort of software to manage membership information although with such small numbers Phil’s Excel Spreadsheet should still be sufficient. Procedures still need to to be sorted out. John will talk to Suze about this.
The idea of having a life membership option was discussed. Some people might prefer to pay once and not have to keep renewing their subscriptions annually. It was pointed out that there would need to be a change to the constitution to be able to sdo this.
Membership forms and pamphlets are still in need of updating. This had been delayed because the person from Vodafone was going to do a redesign of the website but this is no longer going to happen. Mark will update them.

Jocelyn may or may not be here for this due to uncertain travel plans. She said that the Big Green Challenge reports were really positive. These will be included in the annual report. Jocelyn will send out the annual report by the 31st.
Mark said there was a need for someone to help with the website. It was suggested a student could be paid to maintain this, and possibly the membership database too. The Futures Forum will have its own website which Vivienne is going to do. Mark will write a job description and will send to Suze for the newsletter.

Nomintations for Committee:

Position: Nomination: Nominated by: Seconded by:
Co-Chairs John Cocks. Felicity Topp Janet Brady
Jocelyn Harris Vivienne Bryner FelicityTopp



Newsletter Editor: Suze Keith Janet Brady Janet Young

Committee Members: David Tucker Felicity Topp Jocelyn Harris
Janet Young Jocelyn Harris John Cocks
Vivienne Bryner Jocelyn Harris Heidi Pina-Gasca
Heidi Pina-Gasca Jocelyn Harris John Cocks
Bob Lloyd David Tucker Janet Young
Phil Cole John Cocks Jocelyn Harris
Maureen Howard John Cocks Janet Young
Nick Holmes John Cocks Felicity Topp
Mark Jackson Jocelyn Harris John Cocks

Jocelyn to send email to Lizzie Rudd to find outs if she wants to continue on the committee.
Felicity Topp is unable to continue as Ttreasurer. (Since the meeting, a member has come forward for nomination, Louise Mackenzie, and Janet Brady has decided not to continue as Secretary.)
The next newsletter has requests for nominations. These are to be sent to the Secretary by 8th July.
John will put an advertisement into the ODT for next Wednesday, and also into The Star.
The committee will all bring a plate for supper. John will bring milk, tea, and coffee.

Futures Forum Update:
Jocelyn and Suze attended the DCC’s Resilience Commitee to talk about SDC’s proposed Futures Forum. They reported back that they were making considerable progress, the one thing that was not clear was what was to be the outcome. Nicola Johnstone is concentrating on the DCC’s 10 Year Plan, but for SDC getting all the particpants in the same room and talking with each other is the more important objective. It was noted that these were not incompatabile aims.
Suze has done a timeline for the Forum. The proposed date is October.
The DCC is willing to put in $2000 for venue, food etc.
After some discussion of potential venues the Art Gallery was suggested.
Various people, such as Rod Oram and Jim Salinger were suggested invitees, but it was considered preferable to limit participation to locals. Such speakers could bookend the event, but it is not intended to be a talkfest, rather, it is to be a conversation.
More suggestions of possible invitees are needed.
Discussion of acilitation style: Will there be facilitators or experts, or both? Good note-takers who can summarise quickly will be needed too. The website will provide pre-forum information.
The website will provide information beforehand for participants to familiarise themselves with ideas before the forum.
Ways of getting participants to see other groups ideas: “Bus stop”, “World Cafe”. Write on table. Design tick-box forms of already proposed ideas.
Heidi will write a summary of these techniques to show Nicola.

Vodafone Gem Position Update:
Janet Young said that the work was going well with the exception of one hiccup: the preserving of donated produce is taking longer than expected. Amanda Brown, of Presbyterian Support, expressed interest in continuing this project as an annual event through PS. Half the preserves are to be given to the people who donated the fruit. She sought ideas on what to do with the remaining preserves.
Janet has held four workshops in schools so far. (Two composting, a gardening, and a preserving workshop.) She will hold another at Kavanagh College in a fortnight.

Meeting Closed: 6.30pm
Next Meeting: AGM, 1Wednesday 13th July at the Community Church, 6pm

Sustainable Dundedin City
Committee Meeting Minutes
15.00pm, May 9th 2011
Room ???, Burns Building, Albany Street
Chair: Jocelyn Harris

Apologies: John Cocks, Maureen Howard, Phil Cole, Suze Keith

Present: David Tucker, Jocelyn Harris, Janet Brady, Nick Holmes, Vivienne Bryner, Felicity Topp, Bob Lloyd

Minutes from the last Meeting: Jocelyn moved that these be accepted as a true and correct record . Vivienne seconded the motion. Accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:
Jocelyn suggested putting an ad in The Star to get new members.
Felicity suggested it be useful that Jocelyn be made an account signatory. and it was agreed that it would be. Jocelyn proposed a motion to this affect, Vivienne seconded it. Carried.

Felicity said that she would be unable to continue as Treasurer after the AGM as she was too busy. It was agreed that we should start advertising for a replacement before the AGM in the newsletter. She will write something to make the position sound as attractive as possible and send to Suze.

How to spend money:
Big Green challenge?
Fighting lignite mining in Southland?
Mark suggested we send speakers to groups more engaged.
David requested reimbursement of attending ?? Conference last November?

Big Green Challenge:
Apply for additional funding?
Nick said the last one was aimed at the community, maybe the next one could be for schools.
Earmark some money for the BGC. $2000?
Nick to arrange continuing hosting the website with Mark.
Was worthwhile because it generated “warm fuzzies”
Jocelyn requested the reports and she would read them and acess whether she thought it was an event worth repeating.

James Hansen reactions:
Should we use money for trying to stop lignite mining?
Bob says we could probably stop it if we could mobilise 10, 000 people locally.
Will make it our major issue. Have a public talk on the subject in conjunction with the AGM. Get a speaker.
We need a NZ version of AVAAZ or Australia’s Get Up. We could at least tap into their social network.Jocelyn will write to AVAAZ re lignite.
Coalition with CANA (Coal Action Network Aoteoroa) Greenpeace, Oxfam,

13th July. Jocelyn will book the communtiy church in Filleul Street.
Two parts: AGM business, and then talk on lignite mining open to anyone interested afterwards.

Resilience Panel Update: David will send out an extract from the minutes and email to the committee.
Next meeting is 22nd June.
The DCC were interested in SDC’s proposed “Sustainability Summit” but they want more information. Jocelyn will make an expanded description of the proposal from Vivienne’s revised notes. If she’s not away at the time of the next meeting she could go along to the meeting and present it .

Submission Update:
ORC submission: Jocelyn attented to lend support to ???
DCC Submissions: Apparently there was an enorumous number of submissions relating to sustainability issues.

Rhys Miller’s Sustainable Farming proposal. Scheme for verifying local products. Has list of partners already: should SDC make a donation? Sparked debate on SDC’s purpose: Should we have our own agenda or as was decided about our core aims, be an umbrella organistaion facilitatating other groups
Someone said. People made donations for us to carry out our agenda rather than passing on to other groups.
Jocelyn will write to Rhys and offer $500 . Need to include SDC’s logo. Nick requested we suggest making comment about soil improvement.

Meeting Closed:6.20pm
Next meeting: 23rd June

GreenDrinks Dunedin – please note VENUE CHANGE this month onlygreen-drinks1

Thursday 28th July at 5.30pm at The Church on Dundas St – we will be either in main room (to left) or in the attached Academy Theatre (to right).

GREENDRINKS Dunedin provides an opportunity for everyone interested in sustainability and the environment to meet in a relaxed setting. It is organised in Dunedin by the Sustainable Dunedin City Society and is part of GreenDrinks International, a social networking movement.

We meet on the last Thursday of each month at 5.30pm. Each month a different community group hosts a theme. Everyone interested very welcome. Please bring a friend!

THEME THIS MONTH: Local seeds to national shoots: community energy transition

We had a fantastic turnout last month of around 35 people coming to see each other and Bob Lloyd talk on alternative energy solutions. This Month we continue our energy theme with Scott Willis telling us about the Waitati Energy Project and their activities.

From Scott …” The Waitati Energy Project began in 2007 as a grass-roots energy initiative, seeking to build greater energy resilience for the community of Waitati. Now supported by the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT), the community focus has broadened to include all Blueskin communities, the goal of developing a community wind cluster is firmly under way, and a range of clean-tech opportunities are in development. Now the BRCT is looking at eco-social business models to meet community ambitions. Come to hear about the pain and the glory! The challenges and the inspirations, and all the opportunities, if only…”

To find out more about the Waitati Energy Project or get involved, email Scott Willis on or go to

About GreenDrinks
GreenDrinks is an international movement to support informal networking among people who work in the environmental field. To find out more about GreenDrinks International go to

About Sustainable Dunedin City

GreenDrinks Dunedin is organised by the Sustainable Dunedin City Society and is made up of persons who are interested in the issues of climate change, declining energy security and sustainability, as they affect Dunedin City. The Society is not affiliated with any political party and aims to facilitate a positive, secure and sustainable future for Dunedin City in the face of challenges posed by climate change, declining energy security, and unsustainable resource use.. For more information or to join go to or email To get on the GreenDrinks Dunedin elist – or to host a GreenDrinks – please contact Maureen on
Thanks, Maureen Howard, Sustainable Dunedin City Committee Member.

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