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SDC Committee Meeting Minutes
5:30 pm Thursday 22 July 2010
Community Church, cnr Filleul and St Andrew’s
Present: Bob Lloyd, Jocelyn Harris, Jinty MacTavish, Nick Holmes, David Tucker, Mark Jackson, Suze Keith.
Apologies: John Cocks, David Tucker, Maureen Howard, Phil Cole, Paul Young, Tracey
Minutes of last meeting & business arising: No matters arising. Minutes accepted.
Secretary’s report: Nothing to report.
Treasurer’s report: Still need new treasurer.
Acknowledgement of Phil’s resignation: Jocelyn proposed motion of acclamation for Phil’s work as co-chair. Carried.
Acknowledgement of Dave’s work with Knox College, and discussion about any further steps: Dave reported that Knox College got approval to keep using coal for a further 20 years, but they are looking seriously at wood-fired option.
Audit of accounts and proposed Rule change: Will keep looking for an auditor but want to be in a position to not have to. Motion needs to be signed by 15 members and received by secretary no less than 28 days before AGM (Wednesday 25th July).
AGM 25/08/10.
• Notice of AGM to be sent out no less than 14 days before (Wednesday 11th.August)
• John has booked venue. G201/203 Polytech. Outside door to be open 6.45 to 7.15pm. Need to draw attention to this in newsletter, and include Jocelyn’s cell phone number for late arrivals to be able to get in.
• Nick will also find out about using his church as venue instead as it is more accessible.
• Jocelyn will bring tea/coffee etc. Janet will make supper.
• Jocelyn to draft annual report.
• Instead of having speaker will discuss future directions for SDC as Vaughan Mathews will be present.
• Jocelyn to place ad in Star.
• Suze to send copy of membership database to committee to select 10 names each to ring and tell about AGM and explain there will be discussion on SDC’s long term strategy.
Vaughan Matthew’s visit:
• Will be in Dunedin 24th – 28th Aug, but has total of two weeks to work on plan so consultation can continue by phone/email after he returns to Auckland.
• Committee session with Vaughan on Tuesday 24th August at 6pm. Nick to check use of church as venue. Nick’s students to make pizzas. Jocelyn to notify committee of arrangements when this is confirmed.
• John has sent him Fitzharris report and other background info (submissions etc).
• Bob’s report on Peak Oil for DCC not due till September but he agreed he will send Vaughan some information.
• Offer Vaughan tour: Polytech’s Living Campus? Uni? Jocelyn to contact him to ask what he wants to do.
Dunedin’s Big Green Challenge and 350 Partnership Proposal:
• All agreed that article and ad in Star came across well.
• Jinty commented that the journalist, Bruce Munroe, was very interested in what SDC was doing and why.
• The Star interested in partnering on BGC and will do follow up articles.
DCC Futures Forum report back:
• General feeling of committee members who attended was disappointment. Although it was good to have consultation, there were criticisms on the process in particular. Processes important because the suggestions made at the forum will form basis of discussion of Leadership Focus group meetings.
• It was felt that the importance of sustainability had not been sufficiently conveyed.
• It was decided to contact some of the other forum attendees and see if they wanted to be involved in drafting some constructive feedback on the forum.
• Jinty will draft some topics for discussion and will forward to committee for comment.
22 Youth project update:
• Nick reported it has been going well.
• Activities in last month included: workshops in bread making and bike maintenance. Planting garlic at land owned by John McGlashan College. This is part of establishing an urban classroom so community can see a model of an urban sustainable property in action.
• Vodaphone Ripple Youth Action facilitator role has been approved. (Nick has since meeting confirmed that SDC will be involved in the candidate selection process.)
• This role will commence just before completion of Nick’s contract so will be chance to ensure that this year’s work will be continued, and as member of SDC committee he will be able to give continued guidance.
• As Ripple role is only part time it was agreed it would be good to get some full-time funding to continue Nick’s work. Possible partnering with other agencies? Investigate funding sources from Ministry of Youth Development, Dept of Conservation Youth Corp? Nick is meeting with Malcam Trust to this end.
• Nick said that there was still money in his expenses budget because he hasn’t had to pay for office rent or buy a laptop as budgeted. One suggestion was to hold a youth-focussed Futures Forum.
Community Sustainability Panel Update:
• Jinty reported that Neville Auton talked about implications of ETS for council. Waste is going to be the biggest area they’ll have to spend money on.
• Jinty gave update on Dave’s work on Knox College and explained the Big Green Challenge.
• Was agreed a smaller group would look at this and then report back.
• Suze to think about who would be useful.
• A suggestion that it would be useful to consult Vaughan.
Report on Green Drinks: Next one to be July 27th, hosted by Francine Vella of St Martins Island community.

Meeting closed 7.55pm.
Next meeting: Tuesday 24th August. Date and venue to be confirmed.

SDC Committee Meeting Agenda

5:30 pm Thursday 21 May 2010

Community Church, cnr Filleul and St Andrew’s

Present: Jocelyn Harris, Bob Lloyd, David Tucker, Maureen Howard, Jinty MacTavish, Nick Holmes, Janet Brady, Paul Young, Mark Jackson.

Apologies: Phil Cole, John Cocks, Tracey Willmot, Suze Keith.

Minutes 22/4/10 & business arising

Ø Bob reported that he has been asked by the DCC Community Sustainability Panel to produce a Peak Oil report with Susan Krumdieck, a companion report to the Fitzharris report on Climate Change. The final draft will be due by the end of August.

Ø David Tucker’s attempts to find an auditor have not come to fruition. Jocelyn brought up whether SDC really does need auditing, because it was expensive to do. (John Cocks later clarified by email that SDC does need to.) Bob suggested we put the cost against Vodafone account, but Nick pointed out that his project expenses can’t be used for baseline operating costs. However, since it is specifically having the Vodafone grant that has put SDC’s income over the threshold for needing auditing, there maybe a case for this money to cover the cost.

Ø Jinty to find out who Volunteer Otago use as an auditor. A call for suggestions for an auditor to be included in the newsletter for suggestions.

Secretary’s report: This month’s correspondence: Feedback on renewal online from a member, Donald Geist, and a thank-you note from Enviroschools to SDC, and Nick Holmes in particular, for help with their recent Regeneration event.

Treasurer’s report: Tabled.

Tracey is standing down as Treasurer. Will advertise in the newsletter for a replacement.

Minute of Appreciation for Tracy: All agreed that Tracey has done a stellar job as Treasurer and her work has been much appreciated.

Community Sustainability Panel Update:

Ø There hasn’t been another meeting since the last SDC meeting as the DCC have been busy with their annual plan.

Ø The next one is scheduled for the 4th June. Anything to be brought up at the next meeting needs to send it to Jinty by mid next week.

Ø Unfortunately Jinty will not be able to attend, but Phil Ker suggested that Nick represent SDC instead so he could talk to them about his work. (Nick wants to propose DCC find a bit of waste land for the 22 Youth garden project. Phil Ker was keen to support this proposal. )

Ø Jinty to pass on that SDC are really pleased that the CSP has asked Bob Lloyd and Susan Krumdieck to produce the Peak Oil report.

Futures Forum Update: Jocelyn said she has now met with Carolyn Burns of the University Sustainability Council, and she’s fully supportive of the proposed forum.

Ø Jocelyn to solicit further support from other key people.

Hands Up Applications: Progress Update:

Ø John, Jocelyn and Nick met and discussed questions to ask the applicants in their interviews. John had a template from MWH that was useful. All agreed that, to be fair, both applicants be asked the same questions.

Ø Nick talked to Vaughan’s manager (one of the business plan applicant’s) as a reference for Vaughan.

Ø Need to think about what sort of long term plan SDC wants, including levels of expectations required.

Ø Need to set up interview with speaker phone. Polytech’s video conferencing facility was suggested. Nick to find out about using this.

Ø The second branding position is still being advertised but there have been no applicants as yet.

Vodafone World of Difference Programme: Update:

Ø Nick pointed out there was now a well stocked bookshelf at the back of the church with books on sustainability for his 22 Youth participants to borrow, or for others to view while in the church.

Ø Nick reported that the Centre for Sustainable Practice at Polytech are launching new certificate and diploma courses in sustainable practice in September, and that these could possibly link in with his project.

Ø Recent activities with the youth group include learning sustainable local food production skills, and as such they have visited various permaculture gardens, such as Jason Ross’. They are still looking at potential sites to set up their own garden which would act as an ongoing classroom for teaching food-growing skills to young people.

Ø Nick to post his Vodafone WoD blog on SDC’s website.

Ø A blurb to be included in the next newsletter to tell members that they can now find out about Nick’s activities in the form of a monthly blog.

Report on submissions to DCC:

Ø The report included references to the recent US Military’s Joint Operating Environment Report projecting peak oil in 2012; the US government’s Energy Information Administration’s 2009 graph showing projected dropping off of oil supplies between 2011 -2015.

Ø At the oral submissions, Jinty said she focussed on the front page of SDC’s submission and reiterated SDC’s concerns that the council was basing its decision–making on a number of assumptions (about the ongoing availability of cheap oil, about the proximity of the impacts of climate change, about the need to mitigate climate change, etc).

Ø A number of questions were asked. Dave Cull asked about the potential positives for Dunedin if the city became really proactive about sustainability initiatives.

Report on Green Drinks:

Ø Maureen reported that last month’s drinks with Hendik Koch, of the Shetland Street Community Gardens, drew about 20 people and generated a good discussion afterwards.

Ø Next month: Waitati Edible Garden (WEGies) will talk about growing and eating pumpkins, potatoes and garlic in ways that don’t contribute to GDP.

Ø As Maureen will be away in June, Bob volunteered to host the drinks. Bob to book Filadelfios for the next two months and Jinty to send out email reminders for both June and July drinks.

Membership: How to get people to renew subs?

Ø Bob said Ted Trainor, who had done a critique of the Transition Towns movement was to speak at the university soon. Maybe SDC could invite members to this talk?

Ø Jinty pointed out that the promotion of the intended community grants would help raise SDC’s profile.

Community Grants:

Ø It was agreed we need to make a visually attractive advertisement for the awards in the next couple of months so it can be advertised three months in advance.

Ø It was suggested approaching the Star to promote the awards and 10/10/10. Advertising the awards in the Star would help raise awareness of the 10/10/10 work day event, and vice versa. There is scope for articles about the nominees and their proposed projects, and follow up articles on completion of the projects.

Ø General agreement with idea of specifying separate award categories for School, Community, and Business.

Ø Next steps: Jinty to draft some branding around the awards and will approach the Star about partnering with SDC on the awards, prior to the next meeting.

Website training: Mark gave instruction on posting to the website for interested committee members.

Other Business:

Ø David has been attending the Business for Change Group’s monthly meetings. So far they’ve had Tim Bishop reporting on projects, Steve Henry talking about a biodiesel programme and the problems of implementing it in Otago; and Peter Morrison on a method of taking all types of waste plastic (1-7) to make building blocks. David feels the group is starting to make some progress.

Ø David also reported hearing rumours about the local supermarkets boycotting products that are being sold at the Otago Farmer’s Market, and wondered whether SDC wants to do something about this? Needs to be verified.

Meeting closed: 6.41pm

Next Meeting: 17th June.

Dear Members,carving_the_future

Just a little shameless self-promotion – congrats to SDC Committee Member and First Ever Employee (through the Vodafone Word of Difference Foundation) – Nick Holmes – who has, alongside his classmate, Guy Ryan, had their movie, Carving the Future, selected for a ‘newcomers’ award at the WildScreen Festival.

The WildScreen Festival was established with the aim to celebrate, applaud and encourage excellence, and responsibility, in wildlife and environmental filmmaking – films which increase the global viewing public’s understanding of the natural world, and the need to conserve it.

Carving the Future is a powerful film and an educational resource to inspire young New Zealanders to take action in their schools and communities. The film explores the future challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation through the lives of four inspirational young characters leading change – each engaged in positive action to build resilience in their respective communities across New Zealand.

Carving the Future was produced in 2009/2010 by Guy Ryan & Nick Homes as the final year project for their Masters in Science Communication at Otago University.

Check out more about it at

Read on!

1. Upcoming Sustainability Events and Courses

i) ON NOW! July 6 – 11- New Zealand International Science Festival, Dunedin

ii) TOMORROW Wednesday 7 July, 7.30pm – John Wilson Ocean Drive Meeting, Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club clubrooms, 3 Young St, St Kilda

iii) July 7 – 15 – Orokonui Ecosanctuary School Holiday Activities, 600 Blueskin Rd, Waitati

iv) Monday, July 12, 5am – 5pm – Harbour Cone Open Day

v) Saturday, 17 July, 7 pm – ‘Shared transport for stronger communities’ – public transport meeting, Rolfe Room (opp PC Library), Port Chalmers

vi) Saturday 17 July, 10am – 1pm – Cadbury Chocolate Carnival Experience Our Peninsula

vii) Enrol now for August – Sustainable Living Classes, Port Chalmers, North East Valley, City

2. Dunedin Sustainability in Action!

– Let’s Grow Native Garden Competition

3. Food for Thought

– An Historic Day – Julia Guillard & GetUp


1. Upcoming Sustainability Events and Courses

We’d love to advertise your sustainability-related event or course – please send contributions in to

i) ON NOW! July 6 – 11- New Zealand International Science Festival, Dunedin

The programme looks fabulous – the 2010 festival, themed “food for thought” will stimulate your senses, inspiring discussion on the intersection between food and science. From farm to fork, topics such as food production, nutrition and consumption will be on the menu. Be prepared to be challenged.

Check out the Festival’s website for their programme –

ii) Wednesday 7 July, 7.30pm – John Wilson Ocean Drive Meeting, Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club clubrooms, 3 Young St, St Kilda

Dunedin City Council is currently reviewing the management of John Wilson Ocean Drive. One of the stated objectives is to protect “opportunities for non-motorised recreation”. Spokes Dunedin and Living Streets Dunedin are hosting a meeting in South Dunedin at 7:30pm Wed. evening, 7th July, to allow the local residents and other interested people to find out more and express their opinions on the proposal, with the opportunity to make a submission if they wish. DCC counselors will be invited to attend as well.

Spokes and Living Streets are both strong advocates of active transport and healthy recreation. John Wilson Ocean Drive has been a marvelous safe venue over the last few years for all generations to walk, cycle and generally enjoy the outdoors. It’s a misnomer to say it has been ‘closed’, it has been accessible to walkers and cyclists and we would like to see it remain that way.

If you can’t come, consider making a submission on the management plan here

Contact Judy Martin, Living Streets Dunedin 465 8437 for more information.

iii) July 7 – 15 – Orokonui Ecosanctuary School Holiday Activities, 600 Blueskin Rd, Waitati

* July 7 – Taoka Tucker

Learn what our native birds, lizards and insects need to survive in the forest. Dr Ian Jamieson from the Zoology Department and Ecosanctuary staff. Time: 2pm-3pm. Cost: $5

* July 8 – Forest Survival Skills

Learn how to create food and shelter from the New Zealand forest with Tahu Mackenzie. Time: 1pm – 3.30pm. Cost: $19.90 per family

* July 9 – Nice and Natural Native Nibbles

Revitalise your cooking with native NZ delicacies. Learn how to identify edible native plants and taste for yourself innovative recipes with Tahu Mackenzie. Time: 1pm – 3.30pm. Cost: $19.90 per family

* July 11 – Fabulous Ferns

An illustrated talk and field excursion looking at fabulous ferns with John Steel from the University of Otago Botany Department. Time: 10am – 3pm. Cost: $39

* July 12 – 15 – Freddo Frog Holiday Programme with Cadbury

Various frog frolics at Orokonui during the week with lots of prizes. Gala Day 11th July at Edgar Centre.

* July 21, 2.00pm – Orokonui orchids

Angus McMillan of Kaka Point, a lover and grower of exotic orchids, will introduce us to the much tinier, more discreet native varieties the observant walker can find in Orokonui and elsewhere in the New Zealand forest. Time 2pm-3pm. Cost $5

iv) Monday, July 12, 5am – 5pm – Harbour Cone Open Day

Explore the Hereweka Harbour Cone property and learn how it contributes to the Otago Peninsula now and in the future.

v) Saturday, 17 July, 7 pm – ‘Shared transport for stronger communities’ – public transport meeting, Rolfe Room (opp PC Library), Port Chalmers

Public transport is of major importance to our communities’ wellbeing.

At the moment it is difficult to live a low carbon lifestyle in Port Chalmers and other communities ‘up the line’, given the high cost and infrequent times of the bus service. The Port Chalmers Transition Town group therefore plan to put in a submission to the ORC about these issues, and is starting the process through our public meeting on the 14th of July.

We see this as the start of a bigger conversation about a new vision for Otago that puts bikes and shared transport (bus, train, tram, ferry) at the centre, not individual cars.

Please come along and join in!

Nicky Chapman for Transition Towns Port Chalmers

vi) Saturday 17 July, 10am – 1pm – Cadbury Chocolate Carnival Experience Our Peninsula

You can visit Dunedin’s most iconic peninsula attractions for a fraction of the normal price! Hop on one of the shuttle services operating from the Portobello Village Market to the surrounding attractions. David Bellamy has described Otago Peninsula as “the finest example of eco-tourism in the world”.

vii) Enrol now for August – Sustainable Living Classes, Port Chalmers, North East Valley, City

This interactive eight-week course will assist you to learn and share practical tips that make a difference and can save you money, meet others in your community who are interested in living more sustainably, gain support for introducing lifestyle changes you want to make. Facilitated by Dr Maureen Howard, c/o Water and Waste Services, Dunedin City Council.

All courses are free but a Donation is requested ($30 recommended). Courses are restricted to a maximum of 14 people. Registration is essential: Registration or enquiries before 17 June to Maureen 4739967 or email . After this date please register with the Dunedin City Council 4774000. Your place on the course will be confirmed during the week beginning July 26th.

The Sustainable Living Programme is brought to you locally by the Dunedin City Council.


2. Dunedin Sustainability in Action!

This section is about some of the inspirational things happening in our community, as well as ‘sustainability’ volunteer opportunities in and around Dunedin. If you’ve got a project you need more hands for (or even a project that needs hands to get started!), or a group you think our members may like to join, send me a paragraph…and don’t forget your contact details. And if you’re doing something inspirational, or know of someone that is, let me know (

– Let’s Grow Native Garden Competition

To celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity, the Dunedin City Council is running a garden competition as part of its ‘Let’s Grow Native’ campaign. This competition is open to all Dunedin schools, not just homes and businesses.

The competition is open now and, now that the planting season has started, it’s the perfect time to get planning and planting. The competition doesn’t close until the 20th October 2010 so you have got the next 6 months to get your garden ready.

For further competition details go to or contact Renee Gordon on or p 4774000.

The Let Grow Native programme will be updated with additional events throughout the year. For more information see or contact Fliss Butcher

3. Food for Thought

Do you know of an amazing podcast everyone should listen to? An article or a blog or a site that would be of interest to all SDC members? Send me a short explanation and the link (, and we’ll add it in here. Links preferable to attachments, because they tend to fill up everyone’s inboxes.

“I believed that a good Government was losing its way” — Australia’s new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Dear Jocelyn,

It’s an historic day in Canberra, as Australia gets its first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. It’s a great symbol for young girls growing up in Australia that anything is truly within their grasp.

We all hope that Prime Minister Gillard will be a new start: a bold leader on climate change, a compassionate voice on refugees, and a force for a fairer, more progressive Australia.

But we know that our politicians only ever soar as high as we demand. As Julia Gillard seeks out the trust and support of the Australian people, it’s a perfect opportunity to tell her what you expect of her as Prime Minister–to show her and the Government the way forward:

The pundits and commentators have had plenty to say already on the politics, but we know its the principles that the new Government will stand for that matter most.

As the new Prime Minister and her staff check their email to see what the public is saying, make sure that your message is front and centre.

What’s your message to the new PM? Talk to her about the people who need help the most: from those struggling with ill mental health, to the refugees languishing in Curtin detention centre. Tell her about the uncertain fate of our children, without action on climate change. Share with her the issue or person that is closest to your heart, in your own personal welcome message:

Importantly, in all the fracas around Canberra today – our huge mental health petition has been delivered to the new Prime Minister: the first to land on her desk.

Over 85,000 Australians have joined in the call for mental health reform in just two days – it’s our fastest growing petition ever! Australian of the Year, Prof. Patrick McGorry, was in Parliament House to deliver your petition today, and all 2,413 pages of it have been personally delivered to the new Prime Minister’s office.

But will she move to take action? You can make it a priority for the new PM:

As the media report on the political machinations in Canberra, we know what really matters. This election it’s up to us to refocus all sides of politics on the issues that matter most, the people in greatest need and the values that make us proud to be Australians.

Thanks for all that you do,
The GetUp team

P.S. We got the ball rolling today with a message for the new PM from a GetUp member: a small plane (carbon offset, of course) flew over Parliament House today with a simple message–Aim Higher on Climate Change. What’s your message?

You may wish to join in. Here’s what I’ve written:

“Brilliant to see a woman in the job! I’m a New Zealander, but our PM looks to Australia. So PLEASE take action on climate change and peak oil, both to mitigate its effects and to adapt to its consequences. Carbon tax, emissions trading, alternative energy. Especially SUN when you have so much of it.

Good luck, and welcome,

Jocelyn Harris, Co-Chair, Sustainable Dunedin City


Tēnā koutou katoa,

Suze Keith (SDC’s newsletter compiler)

Janet Brady (SDC’s secretary)

Sustainable Dunedin City Inc.

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