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NB: This is the full text of the abridged story published in the ODT Thursday 27th August, 2009


Public lecture

Dr Kevin Trenberth, Head of the Climate Analysis Section, National
Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA.


Sustainable Dunedin City Inc.

AGM Minutes 2009

Thursday 23 July 2009, 7:00 pm. Otago Polytechnic, Room H206a/b, 2nd Floor H-Block, Dunedin.

The AGM got underway at 7.15pm with Jocelyn Harris welcoming those present. Everyone introduced themselves. There were sixteen members present and one supporter, Elizabeth Liddell.


Ruth Coleman, Christina Gibbs , Bob Lloyd, Maureen Howard , Jocelyn Harris, David Tucker, Mark Jackson , Ella Lawton, Duncan Davidson , Gerrard Liddell, Elizabeth Liddell, Tracey Willmott, Suze Keith, Jill Corson, John Cocks, Jess Holmes, Janet Brady.

Apologies: Phil Cole, Judy Martin, Jenny Nielsen, Geoff Craig, Elizabeth Rudd.

Jocelyn Harris moved that the apologies be received, seconded by Maureen Howard. All agreed that the apologies be received.

Confirmation of 2008 AGM Minutes: Jocelyn proposed the meeting adopt the minutes as a true and correct record, John seconded. All agreed that the Minutes be adopted.

The 2009 Annual Report:

Lobbying DCC:

Jocelyn Harris presented the Annual report. She felt that over the last year SDC was starting to gain some traction with DCC.


  • On 23rd July, Bob Lloyd, Phil Cole, David Tucker and Maureen Howard attended the Sustainability Forum at DCC.

  • DCC is looking at a committee for community input based on the Harbour Cone format and to be chaired by Dave Cull. SDC hopes to be able to nominate representatives.

  • Bob Lloyd said that the current climate prevents business as usual. However, people like Gareth Morgan are helping to raise awareness of the issue.


Members have been slow to renew their subscriptions this year. The floor was asked for bright ideas on how to get more members signed up.


  • Duncan Davidson suggested a stall at the university campus.

  • Maureen Howard suggested attending the Farmers

This is an invitation to attend a wonderful film that is being released in NZ on August 20th in Dunedin – 6pm at Hoyts.
The movie is called ‘The Age of Stupid‘ and having had a chance to see a pre-view in the UK last year I can recommend it whole-heartily.
It is an amazing documentary about climate change, and also its producer is a NZer, Lizzie Gillett (and it was partly funded by various NZers on their OE!) so it is a chance to see one of the things NZer overseas do so well.

Oz / NZ premiere, Weds 19th August

Oz/NZ premiere page:

Dear Members,

SDC AGM on 23 July 2009

About 20 members responded enthusiastically to the Annual Report, supporting the work of the society and contributing more ideas. They voted unanimously to support the 350 movement and its day of action on 24 October 2009. The minutes will shortly appear on the Society’s website:

The following were elected to the committee:

Co-Chairs: Phil Cole & Jocelyn Harris

Secretary: Janet Brady

Treasurer: Tracey Willmott

Newsletter Editor: Suze Keith

News/Media Spokesperson: Bob Lloyd

Committee Members: John Cocks, Maureen Howard, Mark Jackson, Jinty MacTavish, Elizabeth Rudd, Dave Tucker, Paul Young

Ella Lawton and Jess Holmes signaled their willingness to be co-opted at the next meeting. Ella to be Community Liaison Organiser, and Jess to set up an SDC Facebook page.

The meeting closed with a supper of delicious home-made goodies.

Thank you to the members who made the effort to attend – here

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