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Are you concerned about government cuts to environmental education?
Dunedin teachers and school kids are passionate about Enviroschools and angry at government cuts.

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Castle 1 Lecture Theatre – Thursday 6th August, 7pm-8:30

Increasing populations and dwindling resources leave humanity facing difficult choices, including the production of renewable energy and the treatment of wastes. How can communities, primary producers, industry and individuals in the South Island plan for this future? Four short presentations from Dunedin, Invercargill, and Christchurch demonstrate the significant capabilities in the South Island today. Waste treatment options are available today with high quality discharge standards in a more cost effective manner and with the potential to produce bioenergy.

Chris Bathurst


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Plastic Bags Aren

SDC Committee Meeting Minutes

5:30 p.m. Thursday 18 June 2009

MWH office 3rd floor, Wickliffe Bdg, Water St

1. Present: Janet, Suze, Mark, Phil, John, Jinty, Paul, Maureen, Lizzie, Nick Holmes

2. Apologies: Ian, Jocelyn, Tracey, Bob, David

3. Minutes 21/5/09 & business arising: Accepted

4. Secretary’s report:

Incoming Mail:

All have already been circulated to committee members.

SDC Committee Meeting Minutes

5:30 p.m. Thursday 21 May 2009

MWH office 3rd floor, Wickliffe Bdg, Water St

1. Present: Bob Lloyd, Jocelyn Harris, David Tucker, Janet Brady, Tracey Willmott, John Cocks, Maureen Howard, Paul Young, Mark Jackson, Lizzie Rudd

2. Apologies: Suze Keith, Ian Goldsmith

3. Minutes 11/2/09 & business arising

  • Phil to invite MPs to speak
  • Discussion on whether to continue charging a membership fee, or just ask for donations instead. John to investigate constitutional issues.
  • Mark reported that the Sewage Plan had been adopted by DCC.

4. Secretary’s report

Incoming mail:

  • 11th May 2009, from Lindsay Horner, a Science Communications student at Otago, who is making a short documentary entitled
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