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Dear Members,

Dunedin City Council

Minutes from the 2007 SDC AGM are available here (PDF 110KB)

The submission is available here as a pdf, and is reproduced below.

11 April 2008

The Chief Executive
Dunedin City Council
PO Box 5045

Submission on the Dunedin City Council 2008/2009 Draft Annual Plan

The Society wishes to speak about its submission.


The Sustainable Dunedin City Society is made up of persons who are interested in the issues of climate change, declining energy security and sustainability, as they affect Dunedin City. The Society is not affiliated with any political party and aims to facilitate a positive, secure and sustainable future for Dunedin City in the face of challenges posed by climate change, declining energy security, and unsustainable resource use.

The Society conducts research and disseminates information on climate change, declining energy security, and sustainability, and promotes awareness of these issues to the wider community. It aims to influence individuals, businesses and governments to adapt their behaviours and policies to reflect the growing importance of these issues.

The Society acknowledges the Symposium on Climate Change and Peak Oil that the Council organised in November last year. However, the Society considers that the Dunedin City Council must build on this initiative and increase the profile of these issues It submits that the Council has a responsibility to review its plans and policies urgently before committing to any further substantial expenditure other than essential services and infrastructural needs.

Below, we present some specific areas which need attention.

Community Outcomes
The Society notes that one of the City

Please find the submission as a pdf here.

Earth Hour, Saturday 28 March, 8.30pm

switch off for an hour and see your world in a whole new light

Dunedin’s Church Bells to ring in the start of the hour at 8.30pm
First Church Bells will continue through the hour peeling their beautiful tunes
Help us celebrate in the Octagon from 8.30pm
Float your candle-lit paper boats in the fountain
fire performance, lanterns, music in an unplugged Octagon

Dear Members,

Dunedin City Council

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