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TRANSITION VALLEY GROUP MEETING: 7 pm, Thursday, 12th February, North East Valley Baptist Church Hall. Is Our Community Resilent Enough to Stand Up to Energy, Climate and Economic Shocks? First in a series of talks, films & discussions that will lead on to practical projects. Transition Valley is a group of locals who are keen to build skills within the communities of North East Valley, Opoho, Dalmore, Pine Hill, Normanby and Mt Mera in response to the challenges of the future.

(THIS Saturday 31 January)
12 noon, Saturday 31 January
Assembly outside the Dental School
At it

Sustainable Dunedin City Inc. Update

January 26 2009

Dear Members,

A couple of important events that have just arrived in my inbox…(and don’t forget GreenDrinks, this Thursday from 5.30pm at St. Lees!) Also, Phil has drafted a submission on the Emissions Trading Scheme Review, and is asking for feedback.

1. Sustainable Dunedin City Events and Submissions
– SDC Submission on the Emission Trading Scheme Review (comments by THIS Friday 30 January please)
2. Upcoming Sustainability Events
– Walk for the Planet meeting (THIS Wednesday 28 January)
– End the Stadium march (THIS Saturday 31 January)

1. Upcoming SDC Events and Projects
This section will also signpost who to contact if you’re keen to help out with a particular event/project. SDC is driven by member ideas and volunteer man-power, so if you have an idea for an event or project you’d like SDC to run, or you’d like to run under the SDC umbrella, please let us know –

i) SDC Submission on the Emission Trading Scheme Review (comments by THIS Friday 30 January please)

Refer below for the terms of reference. Phil Cole has kindly drafted a submission on behalf of the society, which he would love comment on (please find this attached), but before Friday if possible. Email: He has tried to draft it from the society’s point of view, but readily admits some may be personal opinion, and is quite happy to change the draft to represent the majority’s feelings!

Terms of reference
for Review Panal
* hear views from trade and diplomatic experts on the international relations aspects of this issue
* consider the prospects for an international agreement on climate change post Kyoto 1, and the form such an agreement might take
* require a high quality, quantified regulatory impact analysis to be produced to identify the net benefits or costs to New Zealand of any policy action, including international relations and commercial benefits and costs
* identify the central/benchmark projections which are being used as the motivation for international agreements to combat climate change; and consider the uncertainties and risks surrounding these projections
* consider the impact on the New Zealand economy and New Zealand households of any climate change policies, having regard to the weak state of the economy, the need to safeguard New Zealand’s international competitiveness, the position of trade-exposed industries, and the actions of competing countries
* examine the relative merits of a mitigation or adaptation approach to climate change for New Zealand
* consider the case for increasing resources devoted to New Zealand-specific climate change research
* examine the relative merits of an emissions trading scheme or a tax on carbon or energy as a New Zealand response to climate change
* consider the need for any additional regulatory interventions to combat climate change if a price mechanism (an ETS or a tax) is introduced
* consider the timing of introduction of any New Zealand measures, with particular reference to the outcome of the December 2009 Copenhagen meeting, the position of the United States, and the timetable for decisions and their implementation of the Australian government
* and report to the House accordingly.


2. Upcoming Dunedin Sustainability Events and Courses
Another good calendar for sustainability-related events around Dunedin can be found at We’d love to advertise your sustainability-related event or course – please send contributions in to

i) Walk for the Planet meeting (THIS Wednesday 28 January)
Dunedin’s Christian community is involved in the organisation of the Christian World Service’s Walk for the Planet. They will be joining parts of the walk from Rakiura (Stewart Island) to Poneke (Wellington) along State Highway One, between Lent and Easter (Feb 25 – April 12, 2009), and are very keen that all people that share their concern and hope, join in too – a fantastic action to be supporting.

The next meeting will be 5pm, Wednesday 28 January in the Upper Room, University of Otago Campus. For more information, or directions, contact Marvin Hubbard on

Of the walk, organisers say ‘there is something wrong with our human relationship with God’s wider creation. Around the world churches are hearing the call from God, through the groaning of the earth, for an urgent restoration of right relationship with the earth. The Creator is calling us to live with creation rather than against it. We see signs of ecological destruction in Aotearoa New Zealand, and believe it is time that Christian communities bear witness to the need for justice for all of creation. It is an opportunity for people during Lent to express concern for the well-being of planet Earth, and to share hope for the future. We will share stories of hope and raise awareness with each community we journey through.

For more information, visit
ii) End the Stadium March (THIS Saturday 31 January)
12 noon, Saturday 31 January
Assembly outside the Dental School
At it’s last AGM, SDC members voted that the organisation should oppose the spending of ratepayers money on the stadium, because of the financial state it will leave the city in – it will render the city unable to invest as it needs to infrastructure that will allow us to move towards more sustainable, secure, low carbon future.
On Monday, February 9, the DCC will consider whether the Carisbrook Stadium Trust has made acceptable progress on a set of previously-defined conditions, and on the basis of that, will decide whether or not to proceed with their planned funding of the Stadium.
Of this decision, Stop the Stadium says – ‘The councillors have abundant reason to choose the rational option

Sustainable Dunedin City Inc. Update

January 21 2009

Dear Members,

A couple of mistakes in the January 19 newsletter.

SDC presentations to the one day symposium are available here as PDF’s.
The text of the talk is here.(PDF 84KB)
The overhead slides are here.(PDF 0.6MB)

SDC has surveyed prospective Councillors and hosted a public meeting to which all candidates for the local body elections were invited. Candidates were questioned on their views regarding sustainability (including climate change and peak oil). Results from this survey are summarised in a press release available here. (PDF 18KB)

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