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Vote on Monday 19 July:

In line with increasing local and worldwide interest in natural burials, and in response to submissions to the 2010 Dunedin City Council Annual Plan, it is proposed that the Dunedin City Council include natural burials as a new burial option.

This is the first time this idea has been considered in Dunedin, so is really worth supporting. A member of the group who began this process has sent the following hints

“Following points are important.

1.That it is great that DDC is supportive of Natural burials as this is environmentally important with the body decomposing quickly and that indigenous trees are planted so the area returns to bush.

2. The plan states a minimum depth of 1 metre rather than the recommendation that the burial be not more than 1 metre deep. – An important error that needs pointing out.

3. The long term cost is very low compared with standard grave yards which need ongoing lawn mowing etc. So there should be no extra charge for Natural burials. The proposed protocol states an extra charge for the tree on the grave and importation of biologically active earth.”

Thursday 21st March

A public forum exploring the potential local impact of proposed changes to the Resource Management Act
Burns Hall, 415 Lower Moray Place, Dunedin
Facebook event –
All welcome.
The Government has announced proposed changes to the Resource Management Act. The RMA is a critical piece of legislation that helps our community manage outcomes for both our natural and built environment. Changes to this document will affect everyone, and the Government wants our feedback on their plans by 2nd April (
Under the proposed reforms:
•         The protection given to landscapes, biodiversity, freshwater fisheries, heritage and recreation is likely to be reduced.
•         The ability for concerned or affected people to take part in RMA processes that affect them will be reduced in some areas, but increased in others.
•         Constructive central guidance and leadership is promised, but there are worrying proposals to remove decision making power from local councils.

Three experts will explain the potential impact of the proposed changes:
•         Rod Oram, political commentator (see also
•         Maree Baker-Galloway, environmental lawyer
•         Eugenie Sage MP, former regional councillor and environmentalist

Key agencies have also been invited to offer their thoughts on the proposed changes, and respond to your questions:
•         Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council
•         Niall Watson, Fish and Game
•         Sue Maturin, Forest and Bird

2nd Generation District Plan
> Information and the consultation process for the 2nd Generation District Plan can be viewed in the 2nd Generation District Plan section.
>  ORC:
>   Central Govt:

14 Feb: Subantarctic Islands Marine Reserves Bill

> 28 Feb: Conservation (Natural Heritage Protection) Bill

> 28 Feb: Resource Management Reform Bill>

> ODT report

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